This website has been created to support my online math courses and I hope that you find it is a valuable resource. As for my background, I live in Poquoson, Virginia (southeast VA) and have worked at NASA since 1987. I have taught math part-time in a traditional classroom and online for about 25 years and truly enjoy the challenge of teaching math and the diversity of modern students. My wife is a full-time high school history and psychology teacher. My two wonderful daughgters are 19 and 25, so I have just reached "empty nest" status. My personal hobbies and interests are golf and photography. I only wish I had more time for each of them :)

Did you know the orange figure on the left is a contour plot that can be generated using the following equation:

x^4 + y^4 + z^4 - ( x^2 + y^2 + z^2 ) = -0.4

BS Degree: Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia, 1987
Masters Degree: Mechanical Engineering, George Wasington University, 1991
Doctorate Degree: Applied Physics, College of William and Mary, 2003
Post-Doctorate Study: Mathematics, Texas A&M University, 2010

The video below was created as a personal introduction to my online math courses. In the internet world, we often lose touch with the real person at the other end of an email or online course. I hope this video gives you a better idea of who is teaching your course and provides you with some advice on effective distance learning. Enjoy.

Contact Information
Brian Killough
5 Dixon Rd.
Poquoson, Virginia 23662
Cell: 757-303-6277